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Official Word on East Cut Dredging

Official Word on East Cut Dredging Alright, here is the official word regarding the dredging of the Port Mansfield East Cut. Speaking with Joe Hrametz, USACE official in charge of our area, states we have 1.6M earmarked for dredging.  Nothing new…this has been the word on the street for awhile.  Moreover, the WCND has recieved […]

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Do I hear Bowie? — June 4, 2007

Do I hear Bowie? — June 4, 2007 Come on…SING ALONG…P-P-P-Pressure!  For those of you too young to remember the original beat bastardized by Vanilla Ice, David Bowie’s arguably most recognizable song found its way into my head sometime early Saturday morning as I looked for low traffic areas to fish. How much can our […]

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Wading at Night

Re: Wading at Night Tailchasr22 I would suggest not to night wade on a Holiday weekend or for that matter any weekend.  We have ALOT of night fisherman who fish all night and run all over the bay without lights or proper safety equipment. Poor Game Wardens have their hands full! We only wade at […]

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Big THANKS I just wanted to thank all our new members. We appreciate your being a part of our family. Please feel free to post and we can assure you no trash talk will ever grace this forum, Capt. Brandon set this up to help and inform people of whats happening not only at the […]

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Boat type for Port Mansfield

Re: Boat type for Port Mansfield Without being accused of being the tree hugger I actually am, well in this case the seagrass cuddler, I would recommend using the shallower drafting boat of the two.  If you are unfamiliar with the waters of Port Mansfield, buy a Hot Spot map at Academy, or your nearest […]

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Personal best

Personal best Went out of Aransas saturday on a friends boat. Set a personal record and a new goal.After nearly no fishing this year I believe this made up for it. [img][/img] Released-[img][/img] [img][/img] Now I'll be spending every possible resouce chasing a marlin.(“great”  ::) )I'm stoked sick..Thanks Robert.Pescado Caliente raises fish.

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