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August 22, 2005 — Birthday Week

August 22, 2005 — Birthday Week Well this old guide celebrated another birthday on the water. ONE/HALF HUNDRED-PLUS! I had the pleasure to fish some old friends, I did a lot of business with during my previous career. I think we spent more time talking about mutual business associates and what’s happening in the UGH!! […]

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Pop Gets Wake Up Call!

Pop Gets Wake Up Call! I thought I would thwart the rumor mill before it gets started and answer the ton of emails I have already recieved. First and foremost, Pop's is officially okayed by the Cardiologist.  He recieved a little angioplasty yesterday and got two stints :-[ placed in his left descending heart artery […]

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Tarpon in the Bay.

Tarpon in the Bay. While fishing with Charlie Buchen (Tail Chasers) on 6/14, We landed a nice little Tarpon about 30lbs. It was really a shock to hook into one while wade fishing the bay and even more of a shock to land him on 10lb. line and a 1/4oz jig. . No pictures but […]

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boat…. looking to get into the boating world in the next year and have been hearing great things about Mosca boats! I was leaning towards an Explorer but fished off a Mosca this passed weekend and the ride was great….got really skinny and had alot of deck room!  Any comments on these boats +/- will […]

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1st time :(

Re: 1st time 🙁 [color=red]some other questions? [/color][color=red]-whens the best time to wade? morning ? noon? night? [/color] YES! ;D  Learn your solunar Tables and tides for this answer…I will forward you a multi-piece article I wrote a few years ago outlining the different situations [color=red]-bay or surf?[/color] Actually, your call….I only fish from the […]

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New to Wading

Re: New to Wading Rey, try using Gulp shrimptails. These puppies are as good as live shrimp. Start with “new penny” on a 1/8 oz. jighead. Just throw that thing out there and bring it in slowly but keep the line tight. Give me a ring so we can hook -up on a trip. You […]

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