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baffin bay….

Re: baffin bay…. Danny, (Right?) Thanks for the report, man.  And I agree, ain't nothing like the LLM Reds…got into quite a few of them today! Keep the reports coming…but let us know how deep and what you were using…nothing like a big girl on top! 😉

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Flatstalker boats

Re: Flatstalker boats David, looks like a cool idea.  Couple of issues I see….not much room for empties!  the other is that I think the yaks might be a better idea sicne they do not take up as much space.  However, standing up on this model looks pretty easy and I think the yaks are […]

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Pop Gets Wake Up Call!

Re: Pop Gets Wake Up Call! Bruce, I just read this post and I hope you are doing okay. One of these day's I'm going to make it back to the lodge and fish with you again. It's a great thing you are doing on 2Cool for Capt. Wooten. Take care of your self. Willie […]

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new to mansfield.

Re: new to mansfield. RicardoWelcome to our site. When you come to Port Mansfield, feel free to stop by. If you have a Hot Spot Map of the Lower Laguna Madre I will be happy to mark out some areas and patterns you can try. Our place is on the north side of the harbor, […]

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Trout Reg’s Start Tonight

Trout Reg’s Start Tonight Folks I just wanted to give a friendly reminder the new trout regulations begin this eveing at 11:59 pm. I also, once again, want to take this opportunity to thank each and every onme of you that supported us during the regionalization challenge and end with the disclaimer YOU AIN'T SEEN […]

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