Garmin Reveals GPS Smartwatch Range

When it comes to luxury-ware in the tech market, there is clearly a very strong market for companies to produce the most highest specifications of smartwatches available.

Apple, for example, has already enjoyed some success in this area. Albeit, and rather unusually, they have never strictly targeted the ‘high-end’ of the field.

Garmin is, however, the latest to throw their hat (or should that be watch?) into the ring with their latest release of fitness-focussed, GPS, smartwatches.
The Range!

The range released includes 5 models, but before you go getting too excited. Garmin is not targeting the likes of Apple with this design. Think more Rolex, Breitling and Omega.

The Marq Driver ($2,500) – Designed for racing enthusiasts, it holds data for over 250 international tracks. In addition, it can also record lap times based on the GPS software.

The Marq Aviator ($1,950) – Designed specifically for pilots offering navigation and useful tools.

The Marq Captain ($1,850) – As you might expect with the naming so far, this is designed for sailors. It, again, has navigation features but also a ‘man overboard’ emergency beacon.

The Marq Expedition ($1,750) – Comes with highly detailed maps and designed for those who like cross-country, hiking and exploration.

The Marq Athlete ($1,500) – The least expensive of the range with a specific focus on lap times and fitness.

This is reflective of the below image which runs left to right of the above list.

Where Can I Get One?

Well, assuming you have a lot of money, think high-end jewellers or super tech stores. In other words, don’t expect these to be appearing on Amazon in time for the black friday sales!

You can visit the official Marq website via the link here!

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