50 Degrees: It’s ON!!! — December 9, 2009

Well as I sit here waiting on guests to arrive, Poppy is back on the water after the BIG MOMMA”S.

What can I say? He kicked my rear yesterday. With the water in the 50’s and fog we both knew it was right. Total for the day was a 31 ½, 28, 26 and 3 between 25 and 26. We caught a number of Salt Water grass carp (redfish) but we were after Big Trout. Along with the big trout, we had a number of 20 to 24’s and some good eaters 16 to 19 inches. This was a total catch and release day as we didn’t want to have to clean fish at the end of the day.

How do I avoid sounding like a broken record? Catch 2000s fished SLOW, SLOW and  SLOWERRRRRRRR! The fish were in 2 to 3 feet on soft bottoms with scattered grass.

All Big Trout were caught fishing along the edge of the grass next to soft bottoms. Cast out and let it sink 1 to 2 feet then start a SUPER SLOW RETRIVE, I can’t tell you any more than to SLOW DOWN. The bite was VERY SUBTLE! Many times you never knew when they bit, it was as I have said before, a Molasses Bite, and it would feel as if you were reeling thru molasses or thick water!

If you look at our archived fishing reports from years past, you will notice a pattern that once these BIG FISH show up they stay on a subtle bite thru March. Can’t wait as the water stays cold these big fish will just pile on the weight. The fish we caught yesterday were Big Framed but had empty stomachs. Example: Poppy’s 31 ½ only tipped the scales at 9 ¾ , that fish later this winter would easily tip them at and above 10 lbs. Look out if it stays cold this winter look for some really unbelievable weights to show up.

As duck season restarts this weekend I will try and keep our reports up to date but I just can’t hunt in the morning, fish in the evening and post reports. We will be posting photos as fast as we can even if reports lag behind.

Remember those Big Trout are too precious to only be caught once. Get a replica its lasts longer and looks better than a skin mount.