73 Is Just the Beginning — May 21, 2007

What a fun week and an eye opening one, as well.  In my investment days, I was always amazed by the mental acuity and acumen of a few of our, well let’s say, seniors.  I would sit down with a few of my clients in the 70 plus range and endure their stories of conquests and activities with a smile.  While in the back of my mind thinking, alright old timer, pop another Centrum and chase it with whatever age defying elixir was being peddled by the talking heads on the late, or early morning, TV as you folded to Sally Struthers and adopted a little Indugo. (Sorry, vague reference to the adopted child of Jack Nicholson’s character in “About Schmidt’) However, after the past week, I wish I could go back to everyone and apologize personally for my unvoiced, but still disrespectful, thoughts.

I had the pleasure to, not fish, but fish with, three of my favorite charters I have had to date.  To say they were entertaining would be to state the obvious…MIKE; to say they were colorfully dressed, hats in particular…LEE; or, to say they were the studliest 73 year olds I have ever met…Bill; would be gross understatements. 

Picture this, rippled gray skies, no wind, a slight mist and three, let’s call them 60+er’s…sorry Mike, your close enough…giggling like little boys trying to convince me…MR., HEY, FORGET THE TROUT, LET’S GO OFFSHORE…to go chase the false albies my earlier week charters had been raving about.  As we breached the jetties, I spotted a small Sargasso weedline with a small bust every few seconds about 100 yards away.  “Hey, Bill.  Cast right there”

Wham, 15 minutes later, the first king fish of the season was landed.  ON TROUT tackle, no less and 15 pound test…sans leader.  Ecstatic, Bill launched the very next cast back toward our target, and wham, the first Jack…and a real one around 22 pounds nails his hook and 45 minutes later…mind you this is the strongest, fittest 73 year old I have ever met…lands the fish on the same rig.  Color me impressed and welcome to the 2007 Offshore/Nearshore Season.

Trout and reds are maintaining their very predictable patterns, flats in the morning and deeper in the afternoon.  Colors are still gold lime, nuclear chicken, and the brightest yellows you can find.  New penny seems to be crack to the little guys though and seems to have the highest hook-up ratios.  Tops are going off and my black/chrome she-pup once again saves the day.  Red headed skitters with white bodies are the second choice and are working well over and pockets and grass ledges.

The season is on in earnest.  We are on the water everyday until late October so look for more consistent and up to the minute reports.  If anything spectacular happens report wise I will keep you posted.  If you have any questions, post them on the What’s on Your Mind Page, and remember…try to practice catch and release!