A walk to Remember

went to the island .. where the hippie bus is .. found out the hard way that the High Fall tides flooded the flats .. we call the place 4 mile to start with .. Sure did feel like it today … Put the waders on and started Trecking from the bus ..45 mins later we get to fishable water .. started fishin at 7:30 .. by 9 my buddy and I both had limits of solid Fat trout .. ranging from 17 to 23 .. released a few at 24 and a few more between 20 and 23 inches .. between the two of us we caught about 20 fish .. not bad for a Shoreline Jumper !! pink devil eyes worked slow were the lure of choice .. I know this area isn't Port Mansfield but thought I'd let in on the news!! Fresh Fish in December aint bad at all!! After today's walk-a-thon .. I surely can't wait for my boat to be done with!! tight lines you all!!