Aggies and Big Fish; Statement or Oxymoron? — March 31, 2008

We hosted a bachelor party for 1ST. LT. Stephen just returned from serving our Country in Iraq. Thanks Lt.  He and all his buddies, who by the way were Aggie's, let it be known despite them being Aggie's they CAN FISH.  Now to say his deployment took away from his fish catching ability would be lying. Ten minutes into our first wade of the day he set the bar for his buddies, Father and Father-in-law by catching a 29 inch and 7 ¼# Big Girl.

I was about 100 yards from him when I saw him bow up but since we were catching upper slot reds I did not think it was a trout. As he held her up I said “Good Red”,  but was I quickly corrected?  “No It’s a Trout”!  Well after a fast wade to get measurements and pictures we watched her swim away. With a hard south wind blowing we just continued our tried and proven pattern of fishing wind blown points with bait stacked up against it. My crew stood for 2 ½ hours in one spot and caught numerous upper slot reds and enough good trout to stay parked.

Captains Steven and John had the Floaters!! ( Drifters: not wade fishermen ) They found solid limits of 16 to 20 inch trout drifting 3 ½ to 4 ‘of water throwing soft plastics. They kept only what they needed and released numerous keeper trout. Can’t wait to wet wade and we will really work on those deeper fish. If the weather holds we will be wet wading in a few days.

Captain Mitch had the other wade fishing group and after a slow morning they got into good reds in the afternoon. Again on soft plastics.

Day two was a continuation of the first day with the ability to keep limits of trout but most just enjoyed the catch and release—many of the fish were keepers. My crew waded the first half of the day but wanted to keep TEAM CB in the lead so we potlicked Captains Steven and John and moved out to the deeper water. They caught trout after trout on soft plastics and maintained their Championship Status!  Early morning had us throwing lighter color plastics and after the wind sanded the water in the afternoon we changed to darker colors.

On a personal note: Every man, woman, and child in this country needs to walk up to every soldier you see and give a big THANK YOU for what you are doing.  They put their lives on the line each and everyday so we can fish and enjoy our way of life

From all of us here at Get-A-Way we THANK 1st LT Stephen and your buddies who help to preserve our way of life here in the good old USA!!!!!