All Hail, The Return of the King — June 23, 2008

Time to roll out the red carpet and bow to the return of the Silver King.  While I was away playing in the Louisiana backwaters, dad was busy paying homage to the large scaled silver one.  The king has returned with his entourage and Captain Pete and dad were there to greet them by jumping ten fish and landing three.  Captain Pete landed his first tarpon that estimated to go around 85-pounds.  It’s that time and it’s on.  With the return of the King, dad and I will be securing our secret tarpon holes and putting clients on as many as possible.  Expect pictures to follow soon from fly and conventional. 
This week we hosted the folks from Pepsi Cola, Fritolay and Miller Distributing Company.  While dad was getting them in touch with tarpon, Captain Ted and Ray were putting their clients on limits of trout and upper slot reds.  We love this time of year.  The water is cool and all fish are readily taking top waters. 

However, I will change my tune a little here.  I have a new go to topwater thanks to the folks at Heddon.  I have always gone to my beloved Black and Chrome She-Pup; however, after attending two writer’s conferences sponsored by the folks at Pradco that produce the Heddon Super Spook Jr., I have two new favorite topwaters.  I have had great success in super skinny clear water with the pure black and I have fallen in absolute love with the blue chrome.  In Louisiana, the blue chrome landed me a 35-inch, 15-pound boga pinning bronze back.  Back home here on the Laguna, I have landed a ton of trout and one very feisty king fish on the same blue chrome.

Trout are holding in waist to chest deep water and hitting avocado and white tails and pumpkintruese in darker waters.  Captain Ted is looking for water with sand pockets and ditches.  Most of his fishing has been north but he told me to keep secret to rather it was east to west.  It is amazing how he can hide a twenty-five foot Explorer in our little bay.

We are having an amazing summer and the regulation changes appear to have already made a difference.  However, some of the success is the lighter traffic due to exorbitant fuel prices.  Sad part, it is only going to get worse—the gas prices that is, the croaker soakers have not been making their marathon runs from up north—and in the immortal words of the evil coifed Martha Stewart, “that’s a good thing.”

Offshore is going off, tarpon are here, kings are here, trout and reds are stupid hungry and the only thing missing is you.  Come on down and get in touch.  The fish are waiting and we got a bed for ya.