April 10, 2005 — Please Send Water!!!!!!!

With tides remaining more than 1 foot low we are still fighting a losing battle for clear water. Winds from the north at 30 then from the south at 30 they continue to plague us with super dirty water. What little brown tide we have is secondary to the muddy conditions we are continuing to fight with our low water and changing wind patterns. When we get a break from the high winds and a consistent wind direction we are catching fish. This past week we have had an average 12 to 20 anglers on the water daily. The average catch rates were directly proportionate to wind speed and water clarity.

Based on our patterns and catches the last few days I feel our trout are staying in 4 to 6 foot of water. This is 180 degrees from what should be happening now. The trout should be looking for the sand and gravel pot holes in our grass beds in preparation to spawn. Based on the most consistent pattern of deeper water for our trout the only conclusion myself and our guide staff can surmise is with our water so low and clarity poor the trout are suspending below the dirty water on top and chasing our abundant shrimp deep. This should change with higher tides. Our best bait has been soft plastics fished deep. Hard to get a top water bite going. For those wanting to chase reds they continue to be 1 to 3 foot of water, but they are also being finicky. When they bite you can have a ball. If their not eating you can get extremely frustrated watching good reds swim by and move away from your lure. Look for our bay system to light up when we get our water back. Again PLEASE send water!!!!!!