April 11, 2006 — Remember the Nineties…Return of the Top-Dog

The last 6 days seemed like the nineties. Pre-meat haulers!!!! Five of our guests were able to better their lifetime best trout during the last six days! What is amazing is the weight of these fish for some of their lengths. Can you say FAT? To some, this will seem quite mediocre but I can assure you these guys were pumped and thrilled to have bettered their largest trout. These fish were:

25” – 6 ¾#, 27” – 7 ½#, 27 ¾” – 8 ¼#, 28” – 7 ¾# and 29 15/16” ok lets give him 30” – 8 ¾# 

Pictures are posted on the photo page. The nice thing all but two survived and are swimming around. Two were hooked deep and will be skin mounted. We also had guests catch numerous trout over 25” all of these were released except two which were hooked too deep as well. Thanks to everyone’s efforts we released most of our fish over 20”. Seems the better fish decided to bite and boy have they. Most of our larger fish are coming on top waters, bone and chartreuse, spook jrs. Capt. Ted, Frank and Brandon all three had 27” plus trout last week, and yours truly had 1 – 28” –  7 3/4 # and 2 over 26”, all were released. These fish are coming from the edges of sand pockets in windy areas, definitely in there making us a bunch of baby trout. Look for out of the way areas not usually fished by many. These fish have found areas to hide in from boat traffic and anglers. They are extremely spooky so a quite approach is necessary. This pattern should hold up for awhile as it looks like we may be getting a good spawn off now.

Ol Rubber Lips!!!! What can I say; we have been knocking them in the head the last few days. These fish are in the same out of the way areas as the trout.

We are catching them while we are fishing for trout, and not really targeting them. They are being caught on the same small top waters: spook jrs. and baby skittle walks. Numerous top end slot reds with a number of oversized have been caught this week.

Not to get on my Apple-cart but if people would release these 22” trout and above, we could see days more like this, that would come close to our good days in the nineties. Too much pressure and too liberal of limits! Boy it sure is fun to watch a Big Trout Blow Up on a Top Water!!!!!!!!