April 17, 2005 — Bud, Dickey and the Boyz!!!!

Well it’s Sunday evening about 8:30 P.M. and we STILL HAVE NOT RECOVERED FROM THE BOYZ!!!! There’s nothing like having 28 good friends for 4 days to totally wear you out. If I had to fish these guys every time I would be dead. No one plays as hard and fishes as hard as these guys. Also ask Blondie if she ran out of food or came close for these chow hounds. These boyz can eat and we hope they got enough.

Well it had to happen! Poppy has been on the reds for a week and when he was put on the spot, uh-oh he could not get them to eat. With reds swimming by it was as frustrating as a first date with the love of your life and she won’t even kiss you!!! Ted had a party and was in the reds thick but couldn’t get them to eat.

They did manage to catch a few but not like what was happening the day before. To validate his catches last week, watch our media section for his up coming show on GEAUX FISH T.V. It was Capt. Ted’s (Poppy) turn to be the featured guide on one of the many shows we do from here each year. On their return to the Lodge after shooting we downloaded the tape on a DVD and watched an unedited version on T.V. To watch sea gulls 6” from the water and reds tails almost hitting them was fantastic. Poppy, Travis Petty and Kevin the host shot some of the best footages we had gotten in a number of years. This I can assure you will be a 5 Star show. Reds continue to be in 6” to 2 feet of water. If you see birds working on the bank or in skinny water, you better stop because it is surely good reds. With our current shrimp hatch the fish are responding and look for a solid bite. With the up coming full moon don’t pass up those wind blown shorelines with sand and gravel pockets in the grass. We should get a great spawn off the next two weeks. If you’re running at night PLEASE watch for us and other waders. Yes we are wading at night during the full moon. Last years early spring night wades gave up some of the best trout of the year.

Also remember calm conditions; smaller less nosy top waters, rippled water larger nosier top water. Remember our water might be alittle off color but the fish are still there and are eating. We still need a bull tide to clear things up, but we are steadily improving daily.