April 18, 2006 — Wind…Wind and Cooperative Fish

It just keeps on HAPPENING!! The past two weeks have been outstanding. We continue to catch excellent trout. Capt. Steven lost what he considered a 30” plus yesterday. Fishing just south of town he had already caught and released a 25” plus when bam she hits, on the hook set she immediately came to the top and could not get her head all the way out. Steven said she was just a hog and TOO FAT! I can assure you she is being pursued as you read this article. Our Bay City boys added to the photo page with a 27” plus today.

We continue to catch trout and reds both north and south of the Port. Trout continue to hold on the windy shorelines in sand pockets located in large grass flats. Small top waters have been our go to bait but yesterday when the wind got up above 30 mph I switched to a she dog in lieu of spook Jr. In the choppy water, the additional size and noise helped. The reds seemed some what fickle and would roll on a top water or follow a soft plastic. After this happening a number of times, we switched to a Gold Spoon, boom first cast 23” plus from then on it was “get after them! ” Reds are now holding a little shallower than last week. Most have been coming from knee deep or less.

Capt. Brandon kept telling Poppy and me about seeing large Snook in a number of areas. Well you guessed it, Poppy and me had to try and prove the kid WRONG—his initials are the same as mine. B.S.!!!!! We set out to validate his claim. GUESS WHAT!! The kid was right! A short wade in one of his areas netted Poppy a 29” plus Snook weighing 9 ¾ pounds on my boga. Pictures are posted. We then proceeded to catch an additional 4- 18”, 21”, 17”, and 20”.

All I can say is the kid was right! These Shad with Racing Stripes are sure hard not to chase in lieu of trout–boy do they jump and go wild when hooked.

For those that are not aware Capt. Brandon has set up a Port Mansfield Fishing Forum, we ask you to please help support it, as it will be a good source of information about our area for others. Thanks in advance.

Foot Note: Thanks to Robert Sloan we got Poppy on the cover of Gulf Coast Fisherman Mag. Spring 2006 this couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Great guide, good fisherman and my Best Friend. Way to go Poppy!!!