April 19,2004 — Bubba, the BOYZ and the Legend

This past Monday and Tuesday we had the pleasure to fish with our OLD!!! Friends Bubba and the boys. With winds blowing 25 plus MPH we all still managed to catch good fish. The highlight of this trip was a first timer to salt water catching a slam. Having three generations of one angling family fishing together added to the excitement. Capt. Ted continues to catch good fish along the ICW on soft plastics. Capt. Terry Neal and his group stayed shallow and caught good reds and trout south of town. Being the Capt. Of the FLOATERRRRS! We drifted in 3 to 5 foot of water along the color change and managed a good mixed bag of high in slot reds and solid trout. A number of over sized reds were caught so look fro this pattern of large fish to continue with our low tides. With our high winds the bay continues to be off color, but the fish are still in the same locations and continue to take purple/chartreuse and roach soft plastics. Most of our catch came from the break line in about 4 foot of water. We caught fish both north and south of town on the east side of the ICW. Considering the weather conditions our fish continue to take soft plastics and look out when we get a break from the wind, we should have a solid top water bite.

Capt. Franks group caught reds and trout but what was interesting one angler fished top waters in 3 foot chop and caught fish. Look out top water anglers!!

With our tides extremely low, areas we should be fishing for spawning trout are almost dry land, but if you have caught good trout in these shallow areas before just back off into two to three feet of water adjacent to these areas. The fish are still there just staged a bit further from the bank than usual.