April 25, 2006 — Water Goes Up Must Come Down

Seems like every time the reds get the opportunity to have enough water on the edges to really get podding, the bottom drops out a drives them back to the deeper guts.  Tidal conditions like this are enough to drive a fly fisherman mad.  On the other hand, Poppy and dad are back up to their waist and chests and tearing them up.  Teddy decided to leave the snook alone for a week and chase his beloved trout.  It's hell living and guiding with two of the biggest trout snobs in world…I guess the price I have to pay for simply loving to catch anything from lady fish to sharks…maybe age…maybe something in those little blue pills they take…but these boys have it bad for the little blue and silver spotted streaks.

Dad and Teddy have been on the trout still for three weeks straight landing and releasing a double digit amount of fish over 25.  There are a few things about the bay and their beloved little trout I still have to learn…maybe I should start listening.  Top waters have been the go tos along deep drops where fish have sanctuary to run when the water falls.  Which if i may digress seems to be every other day.  Waves and chop cannot be too big.  These fish are hungry and readily eating.  A number of large trout this week in very obvious and highly traveled areas.

As for the reds…scattered, covered, and chunked.  Skinny water reds are covered in the grass and laughing while we that choose the fly rod hunt for them.  Early and late evening bird action on the shore line has proven to be the most productive sight casting opportunities.  Reds are taking tops but preferring tails worked over the bottom hitting them on the nose to illicit a  response.

Offshore is any day now.  Large schools of jacks are back, a few tarpon have been spotted but still very spooky and bonito are everywhere.  I will be outside for 7 days next week and should be getting the fish nailed down.  Spanish are back as well so look for the King to make his mighty return any day now.

Until then tight lines and mark your calendar in Houston for the 11th of May dad and I are doing a new seminar playing off each other.  Should prove to be very interesting!