April 9,2004 — Lights Camera and Action

This past week we were hosts to, two outstanding T.V. Shows.
( Keith Warren Outdoors and Mike Dyess – Inshore Angler )

To have two outstanding T.V. Personalities at our facility this past week I must say Shirley and I were somewhat taken back. We were questioning ourselves, would the fish cooperate, would the weather be right, would the food and lodging be up to everyone’s expectations? Well it didn’t take long for us to realize these were both great groups and all would have a grand time.

Capt. Dan Coley from the Arroyo came up and along with Danny Farley ( Pure Fishing) and Bill Gerke (Foereverlastboots) put together a great show with Keith Warren. (Airing fall 2004) After catching a number of reds and trout Keith expressed to Capt. Dan this will be an outstanding show.

Yours truly and Capt. Ted Springer combined to do two shows with Mike Dyess

( Inshore Angler T. V. ) My segment was to be on catching trout on top waters and soft plastics. After getting the necessary film footage Mike and the crew said lets get the second show in the can so we can fun fish. As I drew boat-pushing duty for Capt. Ted’s show, it was obvious the fish turned on. During the filming of this segment Capt. Ted and Mike were caught on film numerous times turning doubles on slot reds. Watch for this show, as the red fishing was outstanding.

These two shows will air fall of 2004. Watch our site for dates. I think the interviews conducted and filmed while both parties were eating should be a comedy segment for Sat. Nite Live. Unaware we were being filmed many of the things discussed were about Capt. Ted and myself adventures in Brazil and Costa Rica. I trust the film crew will edit for “G-Rated Audiences”. All the while this was going on Capt. Dan and Keith were egging us on.

I must say having these two groups together was not only fun but also so rewarding. Unaware Mike and Myself grew up in the same subdivision in Houston and with our shared Bass Fishing Times, we spent hours talking about old friends and just catching up on ourselves. Look for Mike and Keith to return this summer for offshore shows and I must say we look forward to seeing them again.