Are You Blessed — November 17, 2010

  Answer as you feel necessary. But! Shirley and I are counting our blessings for what was two of the best months we have ever had with our operation. Late Sept. Oct. and first half of Nov. has just been a blur!!!
Shirley and I send a BIG THANK YOU to all our guests who have made the last 2 ½ months such a win win for us! THANK YOU!
    OUR REAL BLESSING is Capt. Brandon and Ashley are giving us another grand baby, This time a little girl. She is due in March , God bless them both and the “P-Man” gets a little sister to keep him company in the north country.
    Now to the report. What can I say but Mother Nature has been really good to our Lower Laguna Madre. All the fresh water from August and Sept. has our fishery the best we have seen in the last 6 years. When was the last time while you are wading in P.M. and see giant Blue crabs every where and shrimp hopping as well. Our fish are butter ball fat and all our guides are so excited that going into the winter everyone is expecting heavy, heavy weight bruisers to follow.
    For every plus there always seems to be a down side. The down side we have seen is all the fresh water has killed a tremendous amount of our sea grasses. Hopefully it will soon return but until them PLEASE take extra care in taking off in shallow water. Another concern is if we don’t quickly get it regrown our spring winds will muddy up the bay worst than usually which will also compound the regrowth.
    With all the shrimp still in the bay, bone chartreuse has continued to catch both trout and reds. But! Top waters have been my go to bait the last two months. Just can’t get enough of those top water explosions. Our fish are bouncing back and forth from fall to winter haunts. A couple of additional cold fronts look for the BIG MOMMA’s to show up.
  Our duck season started out slower than usual but the last cold fronts have the birds here. Other than bright clear cloudless days we are getting plenty of shooting for quests. A special note: In all the years I have hunting down here we have yet to bag a wood duck, but guess what, we bagged a Wood Duck just the other day. Go figure: Wood Ducks over Salt Water: WOW!!!!!! I still have some limited space for duck hunting, so if interested call.
  One last note, this is directed to Capt. Brandon and Ashley: Mom and I are so proud of you continuing your education. For those of you who do not know Capt. Brandon and family have moved to Lubbock, Texas Tech University. He is getting his Doctorate. My problem and if someone has the answer please e-mail me: When Capt. Brandon completes his Doctorate do we cal him:
Capt./ Doctor Brandon  or  Doctor/ Capt. Brandon. LOL !!
    Now that I can catch my breath I hope to post reports in a timely manner. Please remember keep the smaller trout and release the big mommas to past on their genetics.
Capt. Bruce W. Shuler