August 11, 2003 — Hot! Hot!

This weekend we hosted a group from American Light in San Antonio.  Thank goodness I had wade fishermen since the heat was unbearable.  Standing in 85 degree water beats drifting in the heat of the day.  On Saturday we fished the deep grass beds to the North around Wagoner’s Bar.  While we had to sift through several throwbacks we ended up with near limits of trout, a few reds and a few flounder.  Large trout for the day was right at 26 inches.  We also had one 33-inch red that was successfully released. With an outgoing tide we found the fish moving up higher and higher.  The fish failed to realize that they should be moving off the flats with a falling tide.  Most of the trout were caught on Lime, Bone and Red Texas Red Killers.  The redfish were caught on Red and White Texas Red Killers.  The second day turned out to be a near repeat of the first with the absence of keeper reds.  Also, the bite was later than the previous day.  We didn’t start boxing keeper trout until around 11:00 A.M.  However, after the bite took off it was well worth the wait.  This is a good example of grinding it out.  If the conditions are right, the water clarity is right and there is active bait movement it’s sometimes best to just wait it out and hope the dinner bell rings.  We are looking forward to fishing and hunting the American Light team again this fall.  Look for their upcoming report.  These guys are great fisherman and a lot of fun to have at the lodge.