August 15-22, 2001 — Winds and HIGH Tides

As we had higher than normal summer time winds our snapper trips were somewhat bumpy. But with our targeting snapper less than 3 miles offshore the bone jarring trip out just is not the case. Limits of snapper with kings as an added trophy our guests endured and expressed their satisfaction of a good trip.

Along with hot bay water temps. We started our neck deep Combat Wading.  We are being rewarded with upper size trout on top water and soft plastics.  Most trout are being caught on bone/chartreuse and fire-tiger soft plastics in deep water over grass beds.  There were also two tarpon hooked.  I hooked the first one and all thought I was seeing ladyfish through dirty glasses.  The next day I had a customer hook a tarpon  (which I saw) in the exact same place.  The end of this week the fishing has turned on. We caught several fish over 20 inches with the largest a little over 28 inches.  All were caught on soft plastics.  They were hitting both light and dark colors.  We released all of our fish the last few days as guests said they had enough in their freezers.

Cast and Blasts booking now…Fish in the morning, eat lunch, sleep a couple hours then hunt in the afternoon.