August 19, 2003 — Offshore Potpourri

What do five Capt’s do if they all get the same day off? Go offshore Capt’s. B.J. Powell, Ted Springer, Terry White, Frank Vasquez and yours truly all had the same day off this week and naturally we jumped at the opportunity to get offshore. Our first priority was to harvest some fresh Tuna for the grill. As the tuna proved allusive we changed our game plan and bounced around the shrimp boats. Catching kings on light tackle and top waters. What a sight to see a king come from 20 feet down to hit a top water and go air borne.

After an hour of this we headed to secret spot 9 and proceeded to catch a potpourri of offshore species. Our catch included red snapper, vermillion snapper, dog snapper, strawberry grouper, king fish, dorado, and the high light of the trip was the 84″ sail Capt. B.J. Powell hooked and landed on light tackle. After a few photos she was released unharmed. Photos are posted on our photo section.

As the sail hit 20 feet from the boat she was putting on an aerial show right next to the transom. One jump she landed 10 feet from the stern and looked as if her next jump would put her in the boat. Capt. Ted was on that side of the vessel and anticipated a green sail in the cockpit, what a site to see Capt. Ted dive for cover!!! Our luck held and her next jump put her 15 feet from the boat, after a 125 yard run Capt. B.J. was able to turn her and land her successfully. Our offshore fishing remains outstanding and should continue for the next few months.