August 2, 2006 — A Month and A Half

Whoa Nelly!!!! It has been a month and a half since my, or dad's, last report.  We apologize for our tardiness but between fishing, family, and other obligations, just checking email on a nightly basis can become quite the challenge.  To catch you guys up, fishing has alternately gone from horrible to world-class may four times in this period and a number of incredible fish have been landed.

Currently, redfish are nailing top waters, however, even talking to other guides in the Laguna Madre, the smaller the tops the better.  Trout are holding on grass edges in waist to chest deep water .  However, one important mention would be, I have been catching a number of larger trout 25+ in muddier, shallower, I am talking shin deep water mixed in with tons of mullet and smaller reds.  Surprisingly on top waters and fly.

We have also finally taken delivery of the 28 offshore Panga and still field testing her.  She has landed a number of great fish, a couple of state records and a few line class shark records.  We are seeing great numbers of Kings and Dorado's in very close.  Snapper fishing as usual is out of this world and my offshore fly fishing is still going off.  We have a few select weekdays in August and September to book so make arrangements accordingly.

Well, enough for now, we promise to start making the reports more frequently as in the past.  Tight Lines