August 22, 2003 — Kings, Cops and More

This past week I had the pleasure to fish with my Good Friends from Kingwood and the surrounding Houston area. King, Guy, Grey and Woody rounded out our assault team. These guys are no longer clients but great friends and avid fisherman. It’s a pleasure to be able to be a boat driver and sit back and watch good anglers do their job. With COMMANDER PATTERSON (AWOL) we had to select someone else to be the designated stingray driver. Without him around doing his patented reverse swing we had to do our own stingray avoidance maneuvers. Hopefully the next trip we can be assured of his presence and safety from stingray.

Our first day in the water found us neck deep (COMBAT WADING as we call IT!!) The trout were corporative and kept us in nonstop action. The outside edge of the grass in 4 to 5 feet of water continues to hold plenty of trout. One note on patterns is the fish are starting out deep then moving into about 3 to 4 feet of water after the sun gets up. The topwater bite was excellent but the most consistent action was allowing the T.T.K. (red/white and purple/chartreuse) to sink to the bottom and slowly tic the top of the grass. Collectively we figure 5 of us caught and released in excess of 100 trout. Granted these are juvenile fish but fillets were had by all. When catching these small trout please take care to release them with the utmost care. They are our future! Our top water bite continues to be excellent with small baits working the best. Spook Jrs. Splitting Images and she dogs. Blue with chrome back as well as bone have worked the best. In using top waters the action will not be as fast but your average size fish will be somewhat larger. Our big trout was 26″ caught by King, photo is posted on photo section. A bonus to this pattern has been the reds we are catching in the same location. Both days these anglers showed their stuff with the trout and reds they caught.