August 22, 2005 — Birthday Week

Well this old guide celebrated another birthday on the water. ONE/HALF HUNDRED-PLUS! I had the pleasure to fish some old friends, I did a lot of business with during my previous career. I think we spent more time talking about mutual business associates and what’s happening in the UGH!! Development and construction market place. We caught numerous trout and a few reds both days. The highlight of their trip was Dennis’s cousin Billy caught his largest trout to date, on artificial to boot! 

The past week has been excellent for our guests with a number of large trout showing up. A group from Laredo had one of their party catch a 28” plus and he decided to mount the fish. The bay has held steady action for trout and reds, but we just can’t find the flat fish. We look for them to start showing up soon. We continue to find the better trout in about 2 to 3 feet in the grass. With our low water this puts them on the outside edge of the grass. Our color of choice has been Cajun pepper and red with a green tail for soft plastics. Small top waters continue to account for the best top water action.

Our best trout action has been in the grass but on the tips of grassy points. Seems the trout are staging along this type of structure with deep water access close. Does not make sense as this is a winter type move but it could be due to traffic burning the shallow shore lines due to our low water. Key on these outside point edges and you should help your catch rates. Reds continue to work 6” to 2 foot edges along the grass and sand edges. With the clearing water we have established a solid bite north of the Port and continue to work that area. With our fall tides look for this area to heat up and produce solid action. Also don’t forget the north east and south east flats the BIG REDS should start to show up staging for the move to the Gulf. Also this past week we had a number of guests make the trip offshore. As usual our snapper continue to be an easy target with kings and ling being the added bonus.

After a nonstop summer MOMMA Getaway has instructed me that she needs a grandbaby fix, so we are taking a few days and going to Houston. Capt. Brandon will be holding down the fort. If you are interested in booking for Cast and Blast we only have two Monday, Tuesday dates available. Let us know ASAP as they will be gone this week. Unless things change drastically we look for a fantastic fall with the fish starting their fall feeding frenzy, our trout could get rather fat. With the number of large trout we are seeing show up we just might break that magical mark!