August 8, 2005 — WOW, WHAT A WEEK

After a week of none stop running it was nice to rest today. I must say last week I had the pleasure to fish TWO different groups of father and YOUNG SONS!!!! Ages were 6 to 13 but that did not stop them from hard-core fishing. It was fun to listen to youngsters tell fish tales every evening on the deck.  With little or no wind we all suffered with slick bay conditions and HOT temperatures. One group couldn’t wade due to being somewhat short, but that didn’t stop them from catching fish. Look for the most recent photos on the photo section of these youngsters’ catches. After fishing the bay one group went offshore with the kids showing everyone they had the stuff as well offshore. I just wish I had HALF their energy. After fishing all day they would come in eat dinner then attack our pet fish under the fish-cleaning table until dark. Then, here comes Bud, Dickey and the boys! As usual they kept Momma Get-A-Way stirred up with me being in the doghouse the entire weekend. Also this past weekend I got to fish with my old bass tournament partner Doc, yes we did catch some outstanding trout and reds.

With the water out, the fish have moved from the white sands to the first break line in the grass. We caught a number of Good trout on small top waters, spitting images and baby spooks. The reds were holding in the same general area just a bit shallower.

My biggest hit was fishing with KNEES!!! Offshore we caught kings until we were exhausted. The shrimp trading was also outstanding. We will be having shrimp around here for a while with the stock we now have in the refrigerator.

If the water stays low look for the fish to remain on the first break line in and around the grass. Unless we have a major weather change I don’t think they will leave until the tides come back up. If you were catching fish in a certain area before the water fell out just move the next drop off and look around they should be close to their old location. Small top waters continue to work and I see no need or reason for them to change. Soft plastics red with green tails and Cajun pepper have worked the best. Offshore continues to be unbelievable and I see it to continue until the seas get to rough to fish. We’ll be offshore the next five days so I will include that in next week’s reports. Be sure and visit our photo section for updates catches.