It’s not the Sports Illustrated magazine of bass fishing that BassMaster is. It’s not the how to or the when and where that is usually portrayed in other bass fishing magazines. It is an in depth look at the heart, mind, and soul of real bass fishing outdoorsmen. From many angles this magazine will breakdown concepts and mind sets of proven mental attitudes and provide an understanding of being and awareness. Articles that give the biological and environmental side of the story as well as the anglers side. Many of the crucial elements to bass fishing and the outdoors that have never been captured in photographs or in writing will be shared in this magazine. After reading the first issue of Circular Bass Fishing, cover to cover, it has already moved me up a step on my personal fishing ladder. Some of the concepts in the magazine I have experienced and knew existed, however, sometimes a series of experiences still may not reveal an obvious phenomena. But when you read it on paper you can get a better perception of a concept and the next time you enter that particular situation you will be more knowledgeable and closer to “Total Understanding”. This magazine is like nothing that you have ever read. It is the philosophy of fishing, the psychology of a bass fisherman, the bionomics we encounter when on the water, and many other interesting themes in the sphere of bass fishing. The concepts are “high tech”, yet fun to read and written so that they are easy to follow and comprehend. Rick Clunn has been involved with the magazine from the start and will continue contributing each issue with his “In The Flow with Rick Clunn” column. This is an extraordinary opportunity for all of us to learn from such a master fisherman with unmatched tournament accomplishments. Reading his article in Volume I, he allows you to enter his zone and grasp concepts that have led to his success. According to Circular Bass Fishing, “In The Flow with Rick Clunn” will be informative articles in a building block scenario. Since July 26, 1995 this magazine has been published on the information superhighway, the Internet. For those who are unfamiliar with the Internet it is a worldwide connection of computer users with thirty million current subscribers. Pat McCarty masterminds the layout of the magazine and is responsible for the magazine’s link to cyberspace. This is the worlds first bass fishing magazine to be published on the Internet and is without a doubt the most modern bass fishing publication. To read the online edition log onto your Internet server and go to URL location The growth of this new online community is phenomenal and projected to more than double in size within the next year. The feature in Volume I is written by Circular Bass Fishing’s publisher, Phil Whittemore. The feature is called “Attitude is Everything” and is an important reminder for the state of mind that you should maintain while fishing. First hand accounts of when state of mind was singled out as the sole reason for catching fish and not catching fish. Spirit and character are two topics that will be explored in future issues. This magazine is about that realm of bass fishing that you may not have even considered; it will help you focus your subconscious activity into the blanketing weapon of your arsenal. If you are striving for achievement in fishing as I am, this is a chance to be a more balanced fisherperson and join the “Leading Edge” of Circular Bass Fishing. Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide

– Texas Saltwater Fishing Guide