I just wanted to thank all our new members. We appreciate your being a part of our family. Please feel free to post and we can assure you no trash talk will ever grace this forum, Capt. Brandon set this up to help and inform people of whats happening not only at the Lodge but any issue related to the Lower Laguna Madre. We have a number of improvements we will be bring on line soon.
This site was not set up to compete with other forum sites but to be an informational point for questions and or reports for our area. Its here so feel free to use it.
Sometimes we may be slow in responding to your questions but we will do so ASAP. Just sometimes, fishing everyday its just TUFF to sit at night and hack on this crazy machine. I admire those folks who can fish all day and sit down and write 1000 word reports, this old Fa_t is just too wore out.
Taking the next 5 days off , TOO MANY NUTZ ON THE WATER!!!!!!!! We should make some of our promised changes to the site and post some other changes to the Lodge site as well. All these changes!!! IF I DON'T RUN OFFSHORE FOR SOME FUN TIME FISHING!!!! Tarpon still on deck. We will post new pictures later.
Keep posting the more: the merrier.
Thanks Again