Boy, I’m Glad That’s Over — May 14, 2009

What a WILD RIDE!!!! Trying to fish everyday, getting MOMA GETAWAY back on her feet after her medical scare, dealing with boat problems and rigging new vessels.  What can I say but: we will start back posting reports.

May was a good month for large trout with several 29” and above caught and released. Lots of upper slot reds and plenty of skillet fish for those wanting to take fillets home.

We had our good friend Mark Davis with Big Water T.V. down for a shoot late May and he paid us a real compliment, he said: the show we shot was on of the best he has ever filmed. This coming from a TV host who’s show was ranked # 1 last year on the Outdoor Channel.

Capt. Chad Kinney “BAM BAM CHARTERS” was scheduled to take us offshore for a Big Fish trip, but on Marks arrival we were greeted with 35 to 40 MPH winds. In lieu of sitting in the Lodge watching our starched flags, we chose to do a little trout fishing waiting on the winds to die down. After catching and releasing more that 40 trout one day on film we were blessed with dead calm the next.

Capt. Chad did not let Mark down.

Mark has fished all over the US and world but, to date the one fish he had yet to get on film was a WARSAW. Well you guessed it: Half way into our day we had an 80#er. The day consisted of Warsaw, grouper, Fork Tailed Donkeys ( A.J.) and what a day of red snapper.  I will post on our site when the show will air. It will be early Jan. 2011.

Fishing is in our summer patterns. Outside edge of the grass in 3 to 4 foot of water. Our best color has been bone, chartreuse plastics when not throwing top waters. Trout should stay in this pattern thru mid to late Sept. Reds: what can I say but: Skinny in the mornings and a little deeper in the afternoons.

Now!!!!! Keep watching offshore has started and when it gets really hot, watch for a lot of tarpon photos to show up.

Now for a little advertising note. We will be launching a Facebook fan page for the lodge. It’s much easier to post photos on that site and look for more photos to show up. Feel free to join our page. We should launch in the next few days.

Remember its only going to get better if we release those big mommas and eat the smaller ones.