Cameras, Writers’ and Non Stop Action

Well we are just coming off of our first major Tackle and writers’ conference this year. Myself and our Capt.’s’ have spent the last 5 days trying to get off shore and covering the entire Lower Laguna Madre to get the photos and the necessary fish for all the journalists. Folks who think these writers events are a party and get together for tackle companies, T.V. and writers, you are sadly mistaken. After hosting these events for the last nine years it has become some what routine for us, to have world class journalists, and tackle company executives here to get the necessary photos, stories and requirements for their respective publications and is a real honor. Photos and stories from this event will grace the following publications in the following months to come.
Salt Water Sportsman
Field and Stream
Florida Sportsman
Shallow Water Angler
Sport Fishing
Texas Sporting Journal
Texas Outdoors Journal
Texas Fish and Game
Texas Salt Water Mag.
Gulf Coast Fisherman
Lone Star News
We also want to thank the following tackle companies for their gracious contribution to the event, not only with product but representatives to showcase the new product lines to be debuted at ICAST next month.
Pure Fishing
Precision Tackle
Team Marine USA
Old Bay Side Products
These companies represent more than 50% of the product lines in all salt water fishing tackle. Please visit their web sites to see the various product lines represented.
One of the high lights of the past week was a presentation by Dr. Greg Stunz and his staff dealing with the IMPACT SILTING OF EAST CUT would have on the Lower Laguna Madre. Also he detailed Speckled Trout Mortality caused by tournaments. You will get to read about this in the coming months.
Another addition to our event was a Presentation by Dr. Robert Vega and Shane Bonnot of the Fisheries Enhancement Division give a presentation on our Texas stocking program.  Awesome man!  If you can give only a dollar to Sea Center Texas or CPL/CCA please do so.