Chilly Willey — October 24, 2007

Well that old fatherless son, Old Man Winter, decided to visit us early.  We woke up Monday morning with warm 75 degree temerpatures which were ouickly within the hour dropping like the stock market.  Winter is coming and so are the coveted mama trouts.  Dad and Teddy are salivating more than  usual and ready to pick up where they left off last winter.  I, however, am looking forward, as all teachers do, to summer break.  But like the primordial beast they are, the trout, reds and flounder are following their natural instincts and ready to feed.

The fish are still some days finicky, some days voracious, and always fun to catch.  Reds and flounder are making their opposite migrations into and out of the bay.  However, they are definitely now deeply imbued in their transitional phase.  Dependent on the barometer, temperature, and winds, the skill for finding fish rest inherently on the angler.  On summer like days, look for summer time patterns.  On your more blustery days, look for fish to hold more in winter like patterns.  Also, great rule of thumb to rememeber, fish accordingly.  On the big temperature drop days, fish super slow.  Most of your strikes are going to be pure aggression.  Fish are not going to go out of their way to hit a bait.  You have to get it right in front of them and intice them to strike.  So, a little thought, planning, and intuition.

Over the weekend, trout were holding in roughly 3 to 5 feet of water and liked black and gold flake soft plastics.  My guys could not get them to hit a topwater but had great success working soft plastics about 6 inches to 8 inches under water.  Potholes were productive as well as following the extreme edges of the grasslines.

Sadly, I could not seem to get on the reds.  However, Teddy and dad tore them up in waist deep water on tops and tails.  Once again, reds are reds and have the IQ of a high school student.  OK just kidding, kids are smart just not very aggressive intellectually.

Start booking now for winter time sow trout.  If last year is anything like past season, expect quite a few double digit trout.  Until then, keep your lines tight, your kids studying, and your wife happy.