Condolences to the Family of Captain Wayne Stark

There are few times I’ve heard Dad’s voice break. To claim the old man comes from stolid, ascetic German stock is simply stating the obvious. I’ve heard his voice break only three other times in my life. He cried volumes when my eighth grade best friend, Byron Morien, was fatally shot by another friend playing with a pistol; he cried when his father passed away; and—although I wasn’t with him when he received news of Captain Dan Coley’s passing in 2007—I heard his voice crack and felt the emotion bouncing between distance cellphone towers. Yesterday, I heard that shockingly familiar crack again when Dad called me to say it did not look good for Captain Wayne Stark. I could hear the emotion in Dad’s voice, but his German ancestry would only allow him to say too much and the line was soon filled with the pops, clicks, and whistles of solar flares and winds that cry across dead cellphone connections.
Yesterday afternoon, 24 miles from his beloved Laguna Madre, Captain Wayne Stark passed away from diabetic and cancer complications which have plagued him for the last few years. Complications he always seemed to take in stride with his self-deprecating sense of humor and a practiced and brave facade. Today the reds and trout of the Laguna Madre swim a little safer, but the Laguna still is a bit more empty than normal. The cries of curlews and herons appear muted by the wind that still carries the memory of Wayne’s laughter and sense of humor, and the sun burns a little more sullenly and oppressively as our captains carry the memory of a loved one a little closer to their hearts.
Captain Wayne will be missed. Memorial services will be held in Port Mansfield and Houston after Mary and the family have said their goodbyes. Until then, we at Getaway Adventures Lodge offer fair winds and tailing seas to Captain Wayne and our best wishes to the his family and friends.