Construction or Fishing — October 9, 2008

After two months of nothing but dealing with insurance companies and driving nails we are back in operation and trying to reschedule 300 plus people. Shirley and I appreciate how our clients or better said FRIENDS all have stepped up and helped us reschedule their trips in and around others. Nuff said: now to a current report.

How do you say WOW! Our 5 fish limit, hurricane, PLENTY of Fresh Water from rains, and reduced pressure has our fishery in the best condition we have seen in the last 5 years and it’s only going to get better.

I must say the only issue we are having is the fishing can be great one day and still above average the next. We are catching good solid middle class trout 17” to 20” plus. Tout are caught from 1 foot to 4 foot, but the great thing is we are throwing top waters sometimes all day. Best top waters have been bone, clown and trout pattern Spook jrs, and skittle walks; don’t forget pink for those secure in your manhood! Find the bait and the trout will follow.

Soft plastics have caught their fair share with Cajun Pepper, bone, purple chartreuse being our go to colors. Look for the cool fronts to start showing up and when they do LOOK OUT!!!! This bay is going to explode with top water action. We can’t wait until Dec,Jan, and Feb, look for real horses to show up.

What can I say about the reds that I haven’t said about the trout, SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only fishing we haven’t been doing is much of is offshore becuase most of our clients have wanted to chase our trout and reds.

We are catching fish both north and south and on both sides of the bay. Sorry for the delay in posting but as we reopened we have been both fishing and hunting daily. Our dove shoots have been like our fishing great one day and off the next. Problem with the valley is so many farmers were not able to harvest their grain due to muddy fields and the birds have remained scattered. They don’t have to go far to feed with all the grain left in the fields. That is changing daily as many farmers are now plowing under fields as they can get equipment into the fields. Hurricane Dolly was a disaster for them as well.

Since we have been back fishing our fishery has shown us its improvement, with trout up to 30”. The last two weeks we have given away 7 rods for trout over 25” being released. We will be posting pictures as soon as we can.

We have a new guide in training:

Master: Parker Reed Shuler; Born 27 Sept. 2008, 6 lbs 11 Oz.
Radio Call sign:  P-MAN
Capt. Brandon and Ashley blessed Shirley and I with our second grand child. All are doing well.