December 18, 2006 — “What a Week”

Sorry for the late report but had to take some time to handle a number of White Tail Hunters. Explain: how can a Big Trout Manic sit in a deer stand knowing the big trout or on the move, and not just go BONKERS?

Prior to last Wed. we have been on the water rain, actual sleet and cold chasing the BIG GIRLS. When it’s on it’s ON!!!

Stats for last week before I left to go hunting:

Dec. 6      Capt. Bruce W. Shuler      31 ¾”  almost 11#
Dec.9        Mitch Richmond                29 ½”              8#
Dec. 12    Capt. Ted Springer            30”                  9#
Dec. 14    Capt. Ted Springer            29 ½”              9#

Photos will be posted on photo page of web site today.

After my big girl on the 6th, My good friend Mitch Richmond came down on Friday night, we both knew the weather was going to be &%*&^% (Only way to describe it!) Sat. morning we left the dock with 44*, light rain, and yes sleet; not to mention a north wind blowing 15 to 20 MPH. Just plain horrible weather.

Well 10 minutes into our first wade I’m catching upper slot reds and griping!!!!! There were times this year I would have welcomed those fish but I knew we were in the big trout and looked at the reds as a nuisance. SHAME ON ME! Well you guessed it Mitch sets the hook and the battle was on, we knew immediately it was a good fish. I started to him and watched him as he got the boga grip on her lip. She was over 29” and dropped the scale past the 8# mark. At that point Mitch says (“Boy I am sure glad it’s not cold!”). He caught the fish on a suspending bait fished very SLOWWWWWWWWLY! I wish I could say we caught other big girls that day but it just didn’t happen. We did catch a number of upper slot reds and keeper trout, but this was a C&R trip.

On the 12th Poppy (CAPT. Ted Springer) joined us. Again all I could catch were upper slot reds and smaller trout. Then in Poppy’s normal manner he hollers “WELL SHAI______T and is hooked up on a big girl. Well this one is 30” and over 9#, after a few choice words and pictures he releases her. Again on suspending bait fished SLOWWWWWW.

The next day I had to leave as I had hunters coming in. I can assure you I was not thrilled at looking for White Tails. I had BIG TROUT on my mind. Thursday just before going back into the woods Poppy calls to inform me or should I say BUST MY CHOPS, hey I got another one  29 1/2” 9# plus again. What could I say but Atta Boy.

I still have 4 hunters to handle this week but I can assure you we will be on the water everyday Momma Getaway will let me with Christmas and all.

As a report, I know not everyone likes to grind the way we do but if you do the rewards can be excellent. If I can give you any advice for these larger fish it would be 3 items. Shallow water (Dark Bottoms) with deep water access near. Suspending baits fished SLOWWWW I can’t express when I say slow how I mean REALLY SLOW.  You have to be on the water no matter what the weather conditions are.

Yes we have bagged some nice white tail so far. As of the 18th one Main Frame 12 with 2 stickers with a gross score mid 150’s

Hopefully I can get another report before Christmas ,if not we all here at Getaway Adventures Lodge wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.