December 6, 2006 — Prefrontal Conditions: BIG TROUT

With the approach of another Artic Blast, Capt. Ted and I decided to do some scouting for up coming guests. Conditions were nearly as perfect as a Big Trout enthusiast could want! Light winds, overcast, prefrontal and a full moon. Knowing our major feed would not occur until midday Capt. Ted in his normal manner slept in until 7:30 AM. We left our docks after 8:30 AM and headed north.

Stopping at our first spot all we could get to take the suspending baits were reds. We caught a number of slot fish but that was not what we were after. The conditions radiated BIG TROUT time!!!! We moved further north to my bowl and spread out. I stayed near the shore in 3 feet of water and Capt. Ted as usual headed out a little deeper. He scored first with a 25”, 4 pounder. Too far for me to walk and take a picture. I then popped a 27” took a picture and released her. It was getting close to noon and the bait and birds had started moving. At this point I gathered Ted and moved another ¼ mile north to another bowl. We repeated our attack, me next to the bank and Ted out in 3 feet. By now the bay had come to life, birds and bait moving everywhere. After a couple of slot reds we found what we were looking for! Having moved less that 50 yards in the last hour I saw bait running on the inside of the grass line in about 1 foot of water. I made a cast past the commotion with a suspending bait, and let it sit for a second. My first twitch, I saw a BIG BLACK SHADOW move in the direction of my bait. Another twitch and she swirled at it but missed, I then twitched it ever so softly and it was as if someone set off a bomb!!!! I knew immediately it was a big trout. I hollered at Ted to bring the camera. He then started yelling he was on a big fish as well! Well you can image two big fish on at the same time and us hollering at each other to get a picture. I’m just glad no one was near as they would surely think; those two old Fa_ts were MAD!!! Ted then stated somewhat disgusted it’s just an oversized red and promptly released her. After my first 25 yard drag slipping run I knew this was not just another good trout BUT A REAL GAINT!! Ted started to me and I continued to play this giant as gently as possible so as to not lose her. My first look at her I knew this was one of the largest trout I had ever caught. When I got my boga grip on her I knew she was one of the top 3!!!!!!! By this time Ted had reached me and all he could say was say SH_________T! His normal way to express himself. Those that have fished with him know exactly what I mean.

When I lifted her on my boga grip and it went well past the 10# mark I knew I had a Real Trophy. We carefully took pictures and measured her. She swims today, as I was not about to kill such a magnificent fish!!

Stats: 31 ¾”  Weight: between 10 & ¾ and 11 #. To err on the conservative side I claim 10 3/4 Lbs.

There will be a replica hanging in the Lodge soon!

Final stats for the day 8 slot reds, 24”, 25” and 27” trout along with the BIG GIRL all RELEASED!!! Only way to sum up the day: I’ll take luck over skill any day”.