Dirty Water – March 23, 2010

Well the Dredges and brown tide has our bay off colored! Seems since the Dredges left, our water clarity is really off. As far as the effect on fishing we just have to change our tactics.

We are currently throwing a lot of darker plastics and larger noisy top waters. With the off colored water just slow your retrieve down and go to darker baits. Catch rates are a little off from this time last year but those who make theses changes are catching fish. Problem is you just are not experiencing the clear waters we are accustomed too!

Once our winds shift to the southeast and stop changing directions every other day our water will rebound and it will be back to the Texas Keys we have all grown to love.

Since my last report we have caught a number of trout 25” and larger. To date we have released 67 over 25” Can’t wait for the south winds to get steady.

CAN YOU BELIVE I JUST SAID: I CAN’T WAIT ON THE WINDS TO START!! We normally curse the winds this time of year, but it will clear up this dirty water.

Reds and trout have started their spring patterns and once you locate them use the tactics I previously stated. Know it will be a tuff bite, but those who put forth the effort will be rewarded with good fishing.

I hope to start posting on a more consistent basis. Sorry but life is crazy.

Remember keep the little ones and release the big one s for the future.

Capt. Bruce W. Shuler