Do I hear Bowie? — June 4, 2007

Come on…SING ALONG…P-P-P-Pressure!  For those of you too young to remember the original beat bastardized by Vanilla Ice, David Bowie’s arguably most recognizable song found its way into my head sometime early Saturday morning as I looked for low traffic areas to fish. How much can our little bay handle?  At one point on Saturday, I counted 12 boats on the south spoils, 16 right across the way on the Pipeline, and 26 on the North East Flats between Bird Island and the Can.  Man, oh man! August 31st and the new regulation changes can not come quick enough.

Fishing has entered the predictable summer patterns; topwaters early, tails in the afternoon.  One major difference we are seeing this season, see above paragraph, traffic is at an all time high and the reds usually found in predictable places are absent with the weekend boat traffic.  You can still find good reds but you have to know the out of the way spots (No Pun intended).  We are actually finding more consistent redfish action sight-casting to them on fly.  Chartreuse spoons, root beer shrimp, and muted EP bait fish are garnering the most success.  If conventional tackle is your choice, purple/chartreuse in slightly stained, or muddy water, and bone/chartreuse in clear water are deadly on the reds.  Hit every sand pocket corner and chase down every grassline and hold on.

Trout are plentiful.  We are routinely limiting out on our lodge imposed 5 trout limit.  We are finding them in water about waist to shoulder deep grass lines near current with access to deep waters. I have been enjoying a decent top water bite on smaller she-pups, or Zara juniors.  Plastic colors with the most success are bright yellow, bone/chartreuse, and black/chartreuse. Follow the same techniques as with reds and have a great time.

We are haze gray, under way for the rest of the season.  If you want a mid week report, or just want to say hello.  Drop a post on the forum.  Look forward to seeing you all soon.