Duck, Duck, Goose, TROUT — December 18, 2007

Well, this is a partial fishing and hunting report.  We had Catch It, Eat IT, Shoot It T.V. from east Texas and Louisiana in to do a show. We were hoping to do a Cast and Blast, but our event turned into a Blast and Blast since I over estimated what the last front would do. I thought we could get an afternoon big trout search underway but was I wrong! The frontal winds never slowed down. I will fish in Cold north winds but not COLD 40 MPH–just too much water coming over your wader tops.

The only way to describe it was an OUT STANDING duck shoot and as an added bonus 9 snow geese!!! We were able to limit both days with Pintails, Redheads, Widgeon, Blue Bills, and a number of Teal. Both days, we had them decoying which made our shots much easier than pass shooting them with a 40 MPH tail wind. Saturday afternoon the geese came in from the back side of Padre Island and were low and slow heading into the wind. I can assure you we will have a few full body goose decoys soon. They wanted to set down close to our duck decoys. These are the first geese I have killed in a number of years. It was a riot to watch T.D. run up to a goose and have it flare up on him. He looked back at us as to say WHAT DID YOU GUYS GET ME INTO!  It did not take TD long to adjust to the larger bodies that will fight back. Ryan G. the host of the show said this was one of his best shoots of the year. We will post airing times as soon as we get details. We will also be posting some video clips from the show.

In addition, we have been trying a MUD BUDDY Boat and motor combo. Folks they do what they say. (Will run anywhere an Airboat will, but on dry land. NO WHERE NEAR THE NOISE!!!) They are not the fastest vessel on the water but since our run is not far, they served our needs well. On the return to the Lodge Saturday, they proved to me they could handle rough water. Coming around the point into the Harbor we were facing 3 to 4 footers. I was prepared to get soaked but it just did not happen.  We will be running them on all our hunts next year. As I have said we have done a number of hunts to make sure we could provide the level of hunts/service our clients have come to expect from our fishing operations. Our duck hunts will be as good as the upper coast without the PRESSURE! We have a number of hunts left this year and reports will follow.

I will post a complete fishing report Wed. or Thursday as I’m back on the water. Big girl time.