Excuse Me…We Have an Announcement — April 15, 2008

Mix a few friends, some great fellowship, and awesome fishing and what do you get?  Quite a few oversized reds and one awesome twenty-eight inch trout.  We recently hosted the Friendswood Fishers of Men Chapter from Houston, one of our tamer groups in the lodge but little devils on the water.  Since the majority of the group brought their own boats, the overworked lodge guiding staff were afforded a weekend off to fish on our own.

The big oversized reds are haunting a few areas and readily taking topwaters.  The mental peons of the piscatorial world are easy to figure out this year.  Start with dark 74mm She-pups early and switch to light ones as the afternoon progress and the sun rises higher in the sky.  Work the topwaters fairly quickly over the dark stuff and slow down once you approach a lighter sand or gravel pocket—don’t anticipate, wait to you feel the weight,  then sink it on in that old rubber lip. 

Trout are maintaining transitional patterns right now with a great morning topwater bite slowing to a soft plastic or Catch 2000 in the afternoon.  I like working a Catch about 4 inches underwater and watching the wakes swirl up behind them…almost…for you that know me, notice I said almost, as fun as a topwater.  I am using green and white, or white and silver catches, and back to my Avocado and White soft plastics.  Dad is still using his lighter colors.  We are both working the drops, drainages, and gravel and sand.  Fish are holding shallow early under the birds…tailing trout season right now.  The trout, I have found, follow the shrimp out as the afternoon goes on.  I have had quite a bit of success sight casting busting shrimp and baitfish—keep your eyes peeled.

The yuccas are blooming and the Blackies, big blackies at that, are in.  If you want to have some fun on a fly rod, tie a black wooly bugger on and go chase some of the biguns in super skinny water.  Nothing like the freight train tug of a twenty plus pound black drum on an eight weight in eight inches of water.  With that said, follow the rays and big drums—I have caught a few grubbing reds chasing them. 

Expect a lot more of the same over the next few weeks as the winds blow and the water warms and cools through out the day.  Check the barometer and measure the patterns.  Until summer patterns set in…check the birds, the barometer, and the beer.  (Sorry, I couldn’t think of another B).  Tarpon, Tuna, and Snapper everyday are right around the corner.  Stay tuned. 

On a personal note…I have waited long enough….

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The newest addition to the Getaway Clan…currently not much more than bait…Due November 8, 2008.
Nana and Cappy are proud!
And for me, if the power of positive thought can sway things like this…PLEASE THINK BOY THOUGHTS!