February 18, 2006 — North Pole Conditions!!!!

WOW!!!!! How can you describe fishing in a 35 MPH north wind, 40 degrees and drizzle? We hosted our good friend Mitch from Bay City along with his son’s bachelor party this weekend. Friday as I was getting my boat ready for Sat. I watched to the north as a major NORTHER approached. With Mitch, Curtis and his group on the way from Houston, College Station, San Antonio and other areas I was afraid we were toast as mister weatherman was predicting north winds in excess of 30 MPH and COLDDDD DRIZZLE. I felt we would have a big party at the Lodge Friday, Sat. and Sunday as I was sure no one would want to tackle our predicted weather. Much to my surprise and Capts’. Frank, B.J. and Brandon, these guys got up Sat. after a big nights party and were ready to tackle the conditions!!!!

Layer after layer of winter cloths seemed to add a small level of comfort to our wading parties, my own personal concern was if I fell over it would take two people to right-me as I had all the winter clothes I owned on! Knowing the high winds were from the north, I headed north to get some protection from the wind and hopefully a little better water conditions. Seems all of us had the same thoughts as it was follow the leader up the west bank. As I approached the area I intended to start I spotted what was an obvious tournament boat from the Corpus Trout Series. To avoid crowding them I went to my secondary spot and started a wade. Throwing soft plastics we managed to catch and release a number of decent reds.

My guys did not want to keep and that was fine by me! I must say Capt. Frank set the pace by limiting his group out on solid reds. Capt. B.J. was the only crew to catch any decent trout. Their fish came from a little deeper water as his crew did not want to wade. Capt. Brandon’s crew was satisfied with a short fishing trip and back to the barn for more coffee and grub! We managed to bear the conditions until after 3:00 P.M. then I was happy to hear Mitch call calf rope.

Most fish were caught on soft plastics fished SLOW and on the BOTTOM. Plum / Chartreuse and pumpkin / chartreuse were the colors of choice. Deeper water near the ICW held most of our fish. As I write this report it is still in the 40’s, If I wasn’t so cold natured I would fish from my docks tonight and have fresh trout for supper. I am sure the Harbor is full of trout escaping the cold water of the Bay. At least we are predicted to get back into the 70’s by midweek. I know this is not much of a report but you would have to have been here to endure Sat. conditions. My hats off to Curtis and his friends, as youngsters they showed hardcore fishing attitudes and a desire to catch fish no matter what Mother Nature would throw at them.