February 6, 2006 — March Winds?????????????

With our warm weather or non existent winter we are getting our March winds early.

Fished 5 days last week and seems we had winds from every direction. Two of the days waited until afternoon to even leave the dock to avoid 35 M.P.H. winds. Despite the winds we have managed to land some very FAT TROUT and outstanding reds.  Capt. Ted and I and others got into some fast and furious red fish action on the East side flats. Caught and released our limits of slot fish, but what was wild, the number of 19” fish we caught. Bodes for an excellent fall. Finding these fish was Luck not skill as we were running the East side to avoid 4 footers on the West side due to 30 MPH winds. Spotted the reds in about 1 foot at the grass edge. Looked like we had submarine traffic in the bay, they were pushing wakes in every direction. Lure we caught the most on was a small super spook jr. in bone. Our trout continue to hold on the softer bottoms next to isolated small grass patches. Caught a few on top but Cajun pepper on 1/8 oz. Jig head still is our go to bait. We caught and released at least our limits and most fish were in the 16 to 20 inch range. Capt. Ted had a HORSE on but pulled out as he was about to grab it. This trout was much larger than the 4 ½ pounder I released the day before. Still have not gotten the REAL BITE were looking for. Weather is calling for a good norther later this week, if it drops the temp significantly look for the Big Girls to show. If I can give any advice at all I would say SLOW DOWN!! And work your soft plastics on the BOTTOM next to small grass patches in soft bottoms. The trout are there you just have to feel for that SOFTTTTT bite.