Finally Rest: For me and the Ducks — November 30, 2009

Folks I’ll warn you now this will be a LONG REPORT! Since my last report we have been fishing and hunting nonstop.

Finally a week after duck season opened our ducks started arriving with a vengeance. To summarize the first half of the season, one just has to say WOO BUDDY! We have been getting a wide variety of ducks, Teal, Widgeon, Gadwalls, Pintails, Red Heads, Blue Bills and a number of BIG Black Mallards. Needless to say with the options we have been able to get most hunters their six ducks per outing.

With our popup blind attached to our duck boat we have been able to vary our setup points thus avoiding ducks getting blind shy. We know it’s not the adventure of an airboat ride but most of our hunters have expressed they are more interested in the shooting than a boat ride. It’s nice to run a hunt for less than 6 gallons of fuel! Helps hold our rates down.

Now that the water is falling out of the bay, a lot of the tidal potholes will empty which will make the open water shooting only better. The birds are willingly decoying to the point we are asking hunters to not shoot group shots but to pick and choose their shots.  Helps to extend the hunt longer than an hour 1/2 to at least 2 hours for their limits. We are seeing more and more ducks arrive everyday.

A highlight of the first half of the season we shot a T.V. Show with Majesty Outdoors. We took a young man from Raymondville on his first duck hunt. Needless to say we got a great hunt as well as a GREAT fishing show as well. This young man got his first ducks and a limit of nice reds. Also we did get a few opportunities at geese. Now remember folks we don’t sell goose hunts but if they are stupid enough to fly LOW!!  WELL!!! We still have some space left for the second half of season, if interested let us know as we are working dates around the 2010 show circuit.

Fishing has been somewhat behind what we should be seeing for this time of year but still plenty of middle class trout and reds for everyone. We just have not seen the really big trout yet. I feel it has to do with the bout of red tide we had earlier this month. As my postings have detailed looks as if we avoided the worst of the event with minimum damage to our fishery.

Top waters have been an excellent choice on our calmer days and soft plastic as the winds get up. Spooks jrs. In bone or dark colors has been our first choice. Cajun pepper soft plastic has been our go to color when throwing plastic.

Fish are now in that transition stage with them shallow one day then back out on the outside edge the next. With the COLD front we got today look for them to move into their winter time patterns for sure. Areas with deep water close and softer bottoms. I will be fishing again later part of this week on and I will report if that is what they are doing.

For those who did not see my posting last month T.D.’s litter of pups has arrived. He and Josey produced some really outstanding pups. If interested please let us know, as they will be ready for delivery early Dec. All we have are black, both males and females are available. Needless to say I now have another Lab. guess what Shirley hasn’t kicked me out yet for getting another dog. All I had to do was convince her it would be our grandson’s dog. RIGHT!

I don’t know if it has to do with all the turmoil in Mexico but our 2010 White wing, morning dove season is almost sold out. We only have 3 weekends left not already booked. If interested please let me know ASAP. We do have space available for week day hunting.

[font=Verdana]As of today Dec. 3 , 2009 we only have two weekends left.[/font]

I hope to stay up with my reports but I know you have heard this before; I just can’t hunt every morning then fish in the afternoon and write fishing/hunting reports everyday. Just TOO darn OLD!

Remember keep the small and let the Big Girls go!