First Timer Goes to Port Mansfield

[font=Verdana][size=10pt][color=blue][/color]Hey guys, just wondering if you can help me.  Planing to go for the first time to fish at Port Mansfield with my boat. (Dargel Skooter 13'  35hp) Don't have a clue of were to go and were the good spots.  Just wondering if you guys can guide me of some of the spots.  Been there twice but just to the public park or the pier.  I know were the boat ramps are, but from there have no clue of were to go. I dont know if i should go left or right.  I have been fishing in Port Isabel and Near the Wild Refuge of Laguna Atascosa.  But fishing there hasn't been that great lately, so just trying to explore for better fishing spots.  Heard that Port Mansfield is the best fishing place to go to.  Oh and also have been to the Jetties of the North side of the Island with my Truck.  Hope you can Help me.  Planed to be there Sat. around 3:00pm sounds like theres going to be good weather. Thanks for your time-