Fish, Hunt; Fish, Hunt — October 14, 2009

The last month an a half has just flown by. Fishing every morning then going to the fields every evening just does not leave much time for computer work.

What can I say: fishing is only getting better and our bird hunting, other than days it is raining, has been excellent. I can assure you Ted and all of us have become very GOOD and Quick at cleaning doves. With 75 to more than a hundred every evening to clean it was either get good or go to bed after midnight.

With the passing of our first real front the water has dropped to the lower 70’s and the fish have responded. We just had our Houston boys come and they came prepared. No BIG TROUT were caught but lots of 17 to 22 inchers were landed. REDS,REDS!!! What can I say, it’s on for those who chase the salt water grass carp. Lots of upper size reds were caught with one over 35”.

All of us guides caught fish from 10” to 3 ½ feet. Seems fish or scattered and willing to eat. Top waters were some what slow due to high winds but not plastic. Seems most guys couldn’t pick a bad color as they were caught on a variety of colors.
If we get the next front later this week look for them to just go BONKERS! Fall and winter is shaping up to what may be our best year in the last 5.

Doves will be closing down end of this month but for those hunters the ducks have arrived and more each day. This should be a great year for ducks and as an added bonus we get 6 this year. We have a limited amount of space left to Duck Hunt , if interested please call.

For you BIG TROUT chasers call now if interested in our Nov. ,Dec, Jan and Feb. trips. We have some limited space available.
Please remember BIG TROUT are TOO PRESIOUS to be caught only once. A replica looks and lasts longer than a skin mount.