Fisheries Improvement or Rose Colored Glasses???

Since the water has warmed into the low 80’s and the trout are spawning, the question must be asked! Has our 5 fish bag limit since Sept. 1, 2007 improved the quality/numbers of our trout? My response and guides’ who work with us all agree: YES!
The last two weeks we have been consistently catching 18” to 22” trout daily. If this trend continues thru the summer and into the fall look for a marked significant improvement in overall quality next year. This baring any major freezes and our summer croaker fishermen and artificial being respectful and responsible to the fishery and not abuse the five fish limit. As was discussed last year during the scoping meetings, 5 – 20” fish have more meat than 10 – 15”, if you are one to base your fishing trip on the amount of meat laid on the dock. If all work together look forward to a MUCH improved fishery in 2009.
Question: for those who fish this area. Are you catching more 18″ to 22″ trout now than last year? Please be repectfull to others who a part of this forum. This question is not to start a bashing or childish debate but a constructive discussion.
Thanks for being a part of our community.