Fisheries Imrpovement or Rose-Colored Glasses — April 28, 2008

We are consistently catching good numbers of 16” to 22” trout daily:  is this a result of our 5 fish bag limit started last Year? Without looking thru Rose Colored Glasses and just from an OLD Guides point of view, YES; I feel we are seeing an improvement in our middle class fish not only numbers but size. Capt. Ted and the others all feel the same, if it is truly an improvement in such a short time, WHAT’S NEXT YEAR GOING TO BE LIKE!!!!

Most of our better fish have been holding in the sand and grass pot holes in 2 ½ to 3 ½ feet of water. It’s nice to know when leaving the dock: yes you can put your clients on easy limits if they want to take some fish home. But what’s great is knowing with bent down barbs they can catch/release fish all day.

Novice anglers using a Cajun Thunder Cork and soft plastic can catch fish along side of any accomplished angler. Our best choice of colors have been bone/chartreuse, Texas chicken, Cajun pepper, and new penny, all fished under a Cajun Thunder Cork on a 1/8 oz. jig head. We have been getting a good bite on small top waters when the wind slows down from gale force.

When chasing reds we are starting out up on the sand following the bait out to the grass edge about 8 AM. Yes we have been catching them on top waters in skinny water with grenade size blows ups. Bone, clown and chartreuse headed black top waters

May is coming so look for the wind fans to slow down and the beach front to be my home daily. Can’t wait to get back on the tarpon and bull reds with top waters.

Foot Note:
We had Capt. Sally and her girl friends down the past weekend. They all four gave a clinic on fishing, catching numerous reds and a number on good trout.

Capt. Sally had just returned from a retreat for women anglers only. The event was held in Rockport and attendance was good, so guess what!! She convinced me and Momma Getaway that’s what we needed to do here. So after much discussion and debate Getaway will be hosting two all women retreats this year.

The dates will be 20 July thru 23 July. Just in time for great off shore fishing opportunities and low water conditions in the bay which spells great red fish time. The next event is 6 Nov. thru 9 Nov. Great fall fishing with the bay empty of anglers. Most off, chasing deer. Watch our site and Capt. Sally’s for final details to follow. We look forward to this being a great time for not only the accomplished but novice women angler to learn tactics and methods from some of the Gulf Coast’s best guides. We will have Guides from the entire Texas coast as part of this event. Names to follow.
Now a small commercial from us at Getaway. We have very limited dates left for our Cast-n-Blast dove packages, and some duck and fish dates as well. If you are interested please let me know ASAP. Our grain is up and sunflowers will be up soon. The rain we got yesterday is what we needed for our fields. We look for our dove hunting to be better than last year if that is possible.

Well Capt. Brandon let us know we will be getting a boy, can’t wait till Nov. Also Capt. Brandon will be getting out of school in the next few weeks and back on the water with us daily. He adds such an important element to our operation.