fishing books

lately, I've been surfing the web on my free time, most often than not, to gain knowledge on catching trout  and reds at the south padre/port mansfield area. Most of the great information I get is mainly from articles. I know its great info, however I know that there is many details that are left out in the articles.  Details- that for a starter like myself would be very beneficial.  Don't get me wrong- I've always enjoyed fishing mainly from jetties or from inside the water fishing in the bottom—stayed out whole day and we did catch our share of fish. 

I recently bought a boat and am in a hurry to find the fish to have a great time with my fishing bud, my dad. Have to say the boat wasn't even in the plans, yet, but……. then life happens and then I'm caught on a race to have the lifetime of fun with my fishing partner.

Fishing-time was whenever I and my dad had planned it days in advance when neither of us had other things to do.  Now its different- every time there is an opportunity I put off other things including work.. just to spend quality time with my dad at what brings us most joy together— Fishing.  Now, we can be out there fishing 2 times out of the week to only once every 2-3 weeks depending on how dad's body is handling his chemo sessions…. well, and the weather too—- have had some really interesting experiences. 
Even when we have not caught that many fish every time out there, we have managed to have quite an adventure. 

Got a little carried away with [i]what is in my mind[/i].. this is what I really wanted to ask:
What are good informational books target specific areas;  best book in your opinion on- learning how to identify or locate where fish (not trophy sized necessarily) can be found at specific times, book that breaks down the  moon…. tides how they work etc. to know what times to start heading out there. etc.    I know I'm cheating here but this is what I really want – the books that have been most useful in you' alls library to find the fish.  I have also read on some old articles about a trophy trout fishing book,..  Is that book still in the making?

Thanks in advance on any input