Fishing Pt Mansfield 10/02

Well after a three week absence, I finally got to go out on the water on Saturday.  Headed out to just north of the saucer and rigged up my hackberry hustler to try it out.  Second cast…BOOM!, redfish on.  This beauty was 27in of pure muscle.  A few casts later another solid hook up only to loose it on edge of kayak few minutes later…lost another one.  Ended up with limit of reds and one sheephead.  Will post pics later.  How did I get all the way out there on kayak?  Well, it is a Hobie Outback SUV, but no, I load it up on friends boat and once we are at spot, I take off.  Nothing like fishing off a kayak.  didn't go to deeper waters to look for trout. 8)