GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a few days off for the holiday and Poppy getting back from chasing Bambi we needed a day on the water for up coming charters. Well!! Game on:
1 – 27 ½” 6 ¼#
1 –  28”    6 ¾#
Poppy lost a larger one as he was trying to get his boga on it. Also had Large one jump over a lure and flat miss. This was only a couple of hours on the water. Couldn’t get some one up any earlier. I will be calling my short list this evening, its ON!!!!! If you are not on our short list for notification CALL!!! This action is only going to get better. After the past winter catches and all the rain water we have had , we feel our fish will be larger this year.
Water mid 50’s its only going to get better.
I will post photos and fishing report in the next few days.