Goodbye Dolly…Don’t let the Door Hit you on the >>> — July 29, 2008

First, we are safe.  Second, the lodge and docks did not fair as well.  Third, isn’t a fishing report just a little trivial at this point?  I think so.  However, I do have a few things to report.

Mitch Richmond, Paul Johnson, Larry Gerdes, and Scott Walton

These are three of the most selfless and loving people in Texas.  From Mom, Dad, and me, we truly love you guys and cannot express the amount of heartfelt thanks we have for you guys simply being a part of our lives.  Mitch and Paul were here before the rains even stopped falling with food, generators, and elbow grease.  They worked tirelessly, well not so tirelessly let’s say without restraint, for four days straight and refused to let dad get down.

Larry Gerdes had a truckload of generators on the ground the night of the storm and humming as the power went out.  No phone call, no request, just a knock on the door and few tears of relief from mom and dad.  Thanks to Toyota and people like Larry.

Scott there are not enough words of thanks or belief in human goodness that can express the gratitude we have for Cedar Gas and you.  Five figures of support during our busiest part of the season lost to Mother Nature will carry mom and dad a long way to get the doors back open and rolling.  Dude, there is nothing to say…your friends and you are simply the wettest and kindest folk alive.

Finally, for the lodge, we look like we will be closed until Labor Day at the latest.  We are shooting for an opening in two weeks.  If you have reservations or deposits, please give dad a call at 281.380.0708 to reschedule or get your refund.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be back with you on the water as soon as possible.

Thanks for all the phone calls and emails of support.  I promise I will get back to everyone for dad and me in the next few days…we have a few phone calls, work and emails to respond to.