Most of you know due to health reasons I had to get a 'real' job.  Shaping the minds of our future generations is a scary proposition but has it's rewards.  Landlocked and 60 miles from the nearest saltwater I WAS waking up every morning depressed and ready to runaway further south and go completely feral in some Belizean, or Nicarauguan beach town.  However, on an afternoon run along one of the many orange grove irrigation ditches in Edinburg I caught a very distinctive tail waving in the air.  Closer inspection revealed half a dozen grubbing and tailing CARP. 

The run home was a little quicker.  I grabbed my ever present 5 weight and returned to the sight of the piscatorial feeding frenzy.  Using a small black 'bug' pattern I tie for super shallow black drum, I tossed to the biggest tail in the middle of the foray and lo and behold he turned and took the fly…hungerily .  A familiar run…much like a red…a few head tugs….and well…I think I understand the carp geeks now.

Anyone have more fly selections they have found successful on Carp?