It Continues — May 20, 2009

Fishing is continuing excellent as we enter summer patterns, but the nice thing, we see no slow down in quality. This last week I had my good friend Doc. Larry and 2 buddies in. Jim places his bets and not only won but placed as well. He started the morning out with his best trout to date was a 22 “by noon he had upped his personal best to: 26 “6 pounds even. Next day what does he do but goes out and raises his bar even higher: 27 ½ “6 and ¾ pounds. All Doc can say is WOW WHAT A TURN AROUND!!!!!! Doc has fished with me the last 9 years and saw what happened to this bay the last few years, like all our other long time guests he can’t believe how the system has turned around and the quality of the fish. We were able to get easy limits of 17 to 20” trout both days. We did catch a few reds but not to the level we have recently.

Poppy, not to be out done had a group and they just whacked the trout and reds with easy limits. His fish were mostly caught wading. Top Waters!!!!

Later part of this week I had the pleasure of an all girl group. These gals not only caught limits but continued to catch and release during the afternoon. I tried to get them on the reds but they did not want to wade which limited my access to red waters. After the second day: I now have them convinced next trip they are going to get out of the boat and get after the reds.

The winds have finally laid some and the bay is lighting up with clear water. Our go to baits have been Cajun pepper either under a rattling cork or just on a 1/8 oz. jig head. Top waters continue light colors on clear bright days and darker colors on over cast days.

Just get on the outside edge of the grass 3 foot of water and the trout are there big time.  Our reds continue to be extremely shallow and those that want to wade are knocking them in the head on small top waters.  Only problem now is we had a LARGE tournament in town last weekend and with the mowed grass floating every where, it makes top waters somewhat challenging with mats as big as a house from boat props. Just work around it and have fun with those top waters. As the winds are down, I plan to start running offshore so watch for some tarpon pictures shortly.

As always: keep what you can eat and release the rest especially those over 22” lets keep our system the best on the coast. IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER; if we all respect the larger fish.