IT LIVES!!!!!!!

Folks: I do live!!!!!! The last 2 months have been a real blur for me and our operation. In the last 3 weeks I have fished 8 days, made a trip to Washington D.C. to testify about fishery, (NOT A PART OF THE PROTEST, but, one on one meetings with Congressmen) two fishing and boat shows, Sea Grass meeting C.C. trip to M.D. Anderson with a very special friend to do biopsy’s. Oh: did I also mention working with Dargel on a 6 boat deal! Life is just going crazy now. I am fishing rest of this week. Please accept my apologizes for, my missing in action.
Will post reports in a timely manner after next week.
Also, don’t worry about the brown tide we are still catching good trout and reds. Just go to darker colors and slow your retrieve.
Thanks for your understanding.

Capt. Bruce W. Shuler